So who the heck are we?

Okay, let’s do this :) Hola! We are a family of four, originally from Slovenia but currently with no base location. In September 2017 we sold and gave away all of our stuff - everything that didn’t fit inside four backpacks the size of hand luggage. With these four lucky bags, we headed around the globe with a supposedly final destination: New Zealand. We don’t have wealthy parents, and Leo still didn’t join a millionaires club, so our goal is to travel as cheap as possible. And because we are planning to make many tiny stories while on the road we call our project tinystories.

What’s our “BIG” plan?

We want to see the world. The more extended version goes like this: We have had a dream of moving to New Zealand, but the budget for relocating there was waaaay too big. So one night we were talking, and an idea came up:

  • Leo: “Let’s do it hobo style!”
  • Nadja: “Yeah! Let’s just become homeless and live each day as it comes. Hahaha. Wait, are you for real?”
  • Leo: “Haha, ahem, nooo.”
  • Nadja: “Cuz, it sounds kind of cool...”
  • Leo: (A moment of silence.) “It does, doesn’t it?"
  • Nadja: "Let's do it!”

And at the end, we liked that idea more. So our final destination is still New Zealand which we plan to reach in about a year. In this year we want to see as much as possible. We will try to stay in each country for a month and see it’s culture. We will share everything about it here.

Why are we doing this?

Because we are crazy? At least that is what most of our relatives think. But in reality, we wanted more. We want to get out of our comfort zones and test ourselves. We want to see different cultures, different views on life. And we want to give that to our kids - experiences, courageousness, a broad perspective. We believe this is the prominent advantage we can deliver them. And the love of course :) Plus, we didn’t want to wait till we were rich or older - now it’s the right time.

What’s in it for you?

And here comes the selling part ;) Why do we even consider our story interesting? Here are 8 reasons for you.

  1. Do you want to travel cheap?
    We will share our tips and ideas on the way.
  2. Do you travel with kids?
    We will share our experience about it, and kids will share their point of view as well!
  3. Do you need ideas where to go?
    We will try to find beautiful places, which are not mentioned in travel guides.
  4. Do you need travel tips?
    If there is something we didn’t mention in blogs, you can always contact us, and we will gladly answer you.
  5. Do you want to know how to earn for traveling?
    We both work while on the road. We will describe how we are handling that and which are the troubles that concern us most.
  6. Do you need motivation?
    We will share that also - mostly Leo because he has troubles with that regularly and he is fond of motivational quotes ;)
  7. Do you need inspiration?
    Just follow us :P
  8. Do you need to overcome your fear?
    Let us give you a little push :)

All of us together

You still want to know more about us? Below you can find something (not too much but just a little bit) about each member of our family.

Who’s Leo?

Leo posing on the beach

Leo (27) is an ubermensch (that’s what he is saying). He is excellent at many things. He is always looking for ways to expand his knowledge. He is a super fast learner, and he knows how to fix stuff. Whatever that is, he won’t spend hours thinking about a solution, he’s going to mend it, and it will work. He is a man of introspection, that is why he is a great partner and father. When there is trouble in a relationship, he first asks himself: what is he doing wrong, where can he improve. He likes to talk about problems; he never sweeps them under the carpet. He is loving and caring. I almost feel like I am selling him right now. Girls, before any of you try to steal him away, you have to know that he can be annoyingly cranky when he is in a non-creative stage. He wants and needs to be organized, but he hates organization, so he forces us to be organized as well, so we don’t ruin his schedule. We do function better when we are organized though. In the end, he is usually right - that is annoying as well. He is smart, loyal, solution finder, action man, loves to cuddle and knows how to cook and clean. OMG, he is a Superhuman ;)

What does he say about him?: link

Who’s Nadja?

Nadja learning to play a guitar

Nadja (29) is a person that is hard to describe. Probably because she avoids definitions that would label her. She doesn’t have a favorite color, favorite music, a favorite novel... It all depends on the moment she is in. And because there aren’t two exact same moments, a definition of her ‘best’ also doesn’t exist. One of the activities she enjoys the most is reading - when she falls into a book is hard to get her out. Kids would say she’s the best mom in the world, and I cannot agree more. Mommy knows precisely when, how and what we need. Most of all, she is an astonishing person. Conversations with her are refreshing. Her tendency for more (and I am not talking about material stuff) is eternal. Through our years together I feel honored to have seen her grow in every aspect. Oh, I almost forgot: she has the most beautiful smile, she only needs to show it more often. How she describes herself: link

Who’s Lejla?

Lejla want to be a grown up

Lejla is a five year old fearless girl, who can climb any challenge given - literally, she is superb at climbing. If you want to go diving, bungy jumping, racing, she will always happily join you. Or race you. She is super competitive. On the other hand, she is all about glitter and sparkles, fairies and princesses. She would change her outfit five times a day if we would let her (now she’s not able because she only has essential clothes for the road). She is the one who reminds us of our mistakes. Her memory is brilliant. If you want to make her happy, give her a pinky cake, shoes with a high heel or a BMX bike.

Who’s Erik?

Erik in his football stage

Erik is a four year old Pirate/Viking/Knight (that is how you should call him). He is the most dedicated kid I know. When he was two, he was into tools. So he carried his toolbox everywhere we went (yes, also through security check on planes). He was checking groceries flyers if there are any tools inside. When they were, we had to cut them out and put it on a wall by his bed. After a year he had overgrown that stage, so he became a knight. He carried his sword everywhere. He didn’t cuddle a teddy bear in bed - no! He had his wooden sword by his pillow. His sword is still with him, accompanied by a shield and a color book of knights.

Pssst... Check first interview with kids: how they present themselves.

And finally,
how can you stay tuned with us?

First, here is this website. And then there are social networks like this and this and this. And finally and most importantly here is our email list - totally free and you can unsubscribe the moment we start to bore you (which will never happen muahahaha).

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