Erik Ebner

Erik is a four year old Pirate/Viking/Knight (that is how you should call him). He is the most dedicated kid I know.When he was two, he was into tools. So he carried his toolbox everywhere we went (yes, also through security check on planes).

Latest stories

Audio avaliable · 1 min read Colourful Mommy Kids Corner

Erik draw Mommy as he sees her. Listen to the audio for more.

Audio avaliable · 1 min read Erik & Lejla by the fire Kids Corner

Erik draw a special image

1 min read Erik found a treasure Kids Corner

In his first interview he said that he's going to find a treasure. His dreams are still alive :)

1 min read The Roman soldier with a spear Kids Corner

Erik world at the moment is about Vikings, soldiers, dragons, and knights as you can see on his drawings. We like the details he goes into.

1 min read A soldier and the dragon Kids Corner

Erik got the task to draw something he likes. And he made this.

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