Who am I? That's the real question. Here are four answers for you.

Leopold Španovič

16 Oct 17 · 5 min read

Who am I? That's the question I am asking myself quite often lately. I guess everybody does once in a while and this article is not really about it. Let's go ahead and see what the point of this blog is.

Okay. You got so far (over the header image). I will anticipate that I did catch your attention. Let’s continue on the subject. First I have to tell you that I am going to break the first law of book How to Win Friends and Influence People written by Dale Carnegie (you should read it) and talk about myself instead of about you. You have to know who is behind that motivational & business posts that are pumping your newsfeed.

Who am I? It all begins in 1990, the day I was born. Let’s skip that part. [*INSERT SOME BORING NATURE SOUNDS*]. And go to the fun stuff. My father was an entrepreneur (what were his desires for that it’s not part of the story). Fact is I had to (it was not obligated) listen & watch him every day how he did struggle with business, his motivation, his fears and more importantly I was able to watch him fighting these obstacles. He did that with the giants like Brain Tracy, Robin Sharma, Tim Ferris and so on. And my father (as I also do to my kids) tried to put as much knowledge or theory into my head as he could while I was growing up. Why? If I am looking from my point of view, it’s much easier to preach others then do it by yourself. I know that because I am also doing the same thing to my kids. Somedays you merely have to throw some ideas & facts around.

So the answer one is; The guy raised with entrepreneur/motivational giants.

After my childhood, I didn’t know any other way. The desire for becoming the businessman like my father was growing strongly in me. I didn’t even try hard to remove it — honestly, I like it. At the age of 14, I started my first startup project. I built a social network for magicians. It went quite ok till we didn’t fight about the costs of running a server. So that was the end of my first project. After my high school, I fell in love and went to college. I realized soon that’s not my way — and I dropped out from a university (I am still in love) and started my first real business. It was social media agency focused on Facebook in the wiled old ages of it. At that time I got my first child — Lejla. Soon the project started to grow, and my father plus ten employees joined the company. And then suddenly our firm failed. It was one of my most stressful periods. But I can still find bright moments like the time my second child — Erik was born. All of it was an experience for me, and I learned so much from it. After bankruptcy, I went into freelancing world. Made a reputation and lived as a freelancer for a while. I tried many new startup projects in that time — all of them failed. But (a lot of but’s in this post) I kept trying.

Second one is. The guy who fails a lot but never quits.

One of the projects which stayed from my old company was a horoscope website. It had potential — there were 50k people registered, and it grew organically. I was never into astrology; I didn’t know much about it and didn’t have any passion for it. But I smelled the money and potential. So I broke my rule and started working for something I didn’t have any enthusiasm. I spent three years doing that. It will sound funny: for three years I was the female persona behind spiritual, fortune telling, astrology brand. My friends were making fun of me — but I was making money. So that was some excuse for me to keep staying. In the year 2016 after we came back from Malta (we lived there for a year — you can read that part in about-us section) my wife joined the company and we decided that’s time to sell it. It was not making us happy. Ooo I almost forgot — while working on astrology project I failed one more time — I tried to expand the brand into America but failed — we see each other next time America. Back to the subject. We worked hard for a year and communicated with the potential buyer. And finally, in September 2017, we sold the company. We were making six figures a year. The buyer asked me many times “why are you selling it?”. I knew why. It was not making me happy and satisfied. It felt like my real potentials were fading away. So after that project sold, a decision was made: 80% of my business time goes into my passion.

The third one is; The guy who found out that working for money doesn’t make you happy.

My inner marketing guy is screaming right now: “This post is already too long. Nobody is going to read it.” So I will try to be short and finish the story. In last ten years, I have been fighting (and still struggling) with my motivation, organization, purpose, etc. as everybody does. I want to share my tiny bit of wisdom which stands on knowledge of giants, the experiences I got as the gift on the road. I believe anyone is capable of achieving anything(not everything but anything).

And the last one is; The guy who will share what he learned on his road of life. The guy who believes you’re capable of doing anything you can imagine.

Thanks for reading. If you want more, of that tiny wisdom about business, life, motivation, organization and so on… don’t forget to subscribe (click here).

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