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We have plane tickets!

Nadja Ebner

6 Feb 18 · 2 min read

In the year 2015, I already wrote an article about having plane tickets. At that time they were to Malta, but the excitement wasn’t any smaller than it is today. It was our first move from our country, and it was a big deal. This time we’ll travel all the way to New Zealand! Can you imagine?! We’ll fly to the other side of the world!

We are talking about it for two years now, but unless you have plane tickets in your hands, nobody believes you. I didn’t even believe it myself. It was more like a distant dream, which may or may not come true. But now is for sure! We are leaving Malta on 8.6.2018, and we’ll land in Auckland on 10.6.2018. 

The other day I was listening to an audiobook Predictably Irrational, and there was described an experiment which proved that people tend to procrastinate. We can have the best intentions, and we can decide that we’ll achieve something, but unless we set an exact date to which we have to do it, we might procrastinate with the task to the infinity. 

We had many ideas how to get to New Zealand. I mean, it’s not an easy task, nor it is budget friendly. First, we thought to move closer each month: to find cheap last-minute plane tickets somewhere, slowly getting toward our goal. We planned to work meanwhile, and sooner than later we would reach our destination. 

But as many enthusiastically charged plans this one end up to be quite a horrible one. We only spent money, we haven’t earned any, and we were nervous because our daily routine changed drastically. Being unsatisfied and on the edge of the tears all the time, wasn’t a picture I was drawing in my mind. It wasn’t something I wanted. I knew it would be hard, but after a month we realized this isn’t working. So we pivoted our plan. We went to Gozo, where we collected ourselves together. We established a satisfying family dynamic and started earning money again. All we needed was the exact date of our exit so that we wouldn’t delay it any more than necessary. After three months staying in Gozo, we had enough to afford plane tickets to the end of the world for four of us. Now we just need to prepare ourselves for another significant change in our lives. 

I realized during these months that more something scares you more you have to push yourself. Otherwise, you’ll just roll like a hedgehog and wait for safer days. It may be cozy for the time being, but it won’t make you feel proud. It won’t encourage your growth, and you’ll miss all fantastic little surprises life brings you on the way if you are just opened enough. Be the hedgehog who walks forward in the face of danger - I mean, you still have spines on your back, don’t worry. You’ll be alright. 

P.S. The last paragraph it's written for me. I'll read it every day so that I won't shit my pants facing my next challenge. And one after that. And... Well, you get the idea.

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