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It's not about the destination; it's about the emotional bond

Nadja Ebner

5 Dec 17 · 5 min read

Findings after four days (27.10. - 31.10.2017) in Gran Canaria.

By now we already decided to go back to Malta, so why Gran Canaria all of the sudden? 

We bought plane tickets when we were staying in the house on the hill. It was one of those sudden decisions when you don’t know where you are heading; you are just searching for the best solution. At that time, our biggest concern was, to find a cheap apartment to rent for the whole month. When I was searching for such place in Tenerife, I found nothing. Only apartments in Gran Canaria were popping out of the screen. When I checked for flights there, I saw that at that moment the price was 40€ per person, but on 27. October we could get it for 20€. We immediately bought tickets. Later on, prices for flight dropped on 8€, and there were no available low-price accommodations anymore - all booked. 

So, we had plane tickets, why the hell not at least check the place. We had four days to explore what Gran Canaria has to offer. 

I have to admit: we are horrible vacation travelers. We rented a car to get the whole picture of the island. 

Erik: “Why are we driving again!? It's so hot inside!!! Arrrr, I cannot sit in this chair! I cannot breathe!” 

Mom: “Erik we have 19 degrees in the car, it’s not hot. And you have to sit in this kids seat because it’s safer for you.” 

Erik: “I AM HOT! I don’t like to drive! Can we get out of this car!?!” 

Mom: “Where would you like to go?” 

Erik: “I want to go on the beach. I know how to swim on my own, and I have to show it to you.” 

Lejla: “I would rather go to the pool!” 

Mom: “You've had a pool for two weeks. We won’t go to the pool if we have a sea nearby.” 

Dad: “We can go to the beach, but I will find a bar to work in.” 

Mom: “That means we have to stay there for hours; otherwise you won’t have an efficient working block.” 

Dad: “Yes, that is correct.” 

Mom: “But I don’t want to spend the whole day on the beach if we are here only for four days! I want to see the island!” 

Lejla: “I want to see it as well!” 

Erik: “I don’t want to drive!” 

Dad: “Sometimes you have to endure through bed stuff if you want to get to the good ones.” 

Erik: “But I want to go to the beach!” 

Dad: “We have to drive to get there as well.” 

Erik: “Oooooooo!!!” 

Mom: “Erik, stop shouting! And Lejla can you stop singing while we have a discussion?” 

Lejla: “I am not singing.” 

Mom: “I can hear you're singing.” 

Lejla: “My doggy is singing, I am completely silent.” 

Mom: “What will we do then? Where are we even driving right now?” 

Dad: “You tell me. You said to drive in this direction.” 

Mom: “Why is always me who needs to plan our trips?” 

Dad: “Because I don’t care where we go.” 

Mom: “Sure you do! Cooperate in planning now so you won’t complain later!” 

Dad: “Because I complain so much, is that what you are saying?” 

Mom: “Yes, you know how to complain, that’s why I want you to tell me when and where you want to work so I can organize trips around that.” 

Lejla: “Look, a windmill!” 

Dad: “We are here only for four days, I can adjust.” 

Lejla: “Look, a windmill!” 

Mom: “Yes Lejla we see it...” 

Erik: “There are more! Look how big they are.” 

Dad: “Wow! Awesome windmills! They look like toys for giants! Can you count how many are there?” 

Lejla, Erik: “One, two, three...” 

Dad: “Let’s find some playground for kids and make a plan there, okay?” 

Mom: “Okay.” 

In those four days, we did see quite a lot. We’ve been to their highest mountain, swim and play on a couple of beaches, saw many villages, and even found a coworking space for daddy. But if I look back to evaluate our days there and If I question myself, what was meaningful, what stayed as an unforgetful memory, the answer is: nothing in particular. There wasn’t a place I needed to see. Not because Gran Canaria wouldn’t be astonishing and unique - it is. It's just that, when you are confused, and you're searching something indefinable, it's not a spectacular place, where you'll find your peace. If you are lucky, you'll realize, you are carrying it inside you all along. 

After driving around for hours, which wasn't enjoyable for any of us, we stopped in a random village to eat something. First I started to check for a supermarket to buy food - it was Sunday, so they were closed. Then I was checking for restaurants. Price alert! I switched my search to bistros so that we wouldn't leave a fortune for one meal. All of the sudden it struck me: what am I doing? We were all tired. Kids were amazing the whole day. They were the patient company in my endless exploration. I needed to stop with my rambling. 

I chose the first place with food. We sat down, ordered food and drinks. I emptied my mind and looked at my family. I noticed their smile and a warm glow in their eyes when they looked back at me. It was that moment in time when everything freezes; when nothing else matters. It was just four of us, smiling at each other. We were together. We felt love. 

It's not important where we are; we can create that moment anywhere. Knowing that is a real treasure.

As a family, we need to stick together. As a team, we can make it anywhere.
Edited: 5 years ago by Nadja Ebner

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