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4 incredible beaches on Tenerife that will fulfill you

Nadja Ebner

14 Nov 17 · 4 min read

I am not telling you that beaches described below are the best on Tenerife because tastes vary. Some like sandy beaches, some don’t stand sand in every corner of their body. Some like to listen how waves crash on a rocky shore. To some such coast is too dangerous to get close to. That is why I will describe four beaches I found to have a transcending effect on me.

1. Playa de Benijo

Already getting there it is the experience itself. You go through picturesque villages surrounded by majestic green mountains. Before you start walking down the stairs toward the beach, stop and have a drink in one of two bars who have excellent sea view (and it’s easier to park a car on their premises). While walking down the countless steps, you can enjoy the sound of merciless waves. They are showing their power by smashing into the pointy rocks standing proudly out of the sea. When you reach the bottom of the stairs, you’ll be mesmerized by the contrast of pitch black silky sand and foamy white water. The tip of the wave caresses the seashore again and again. I have to warn you that the beach is often closed due to extreme waves and strong currents. But you don’t need to swim to take in all the beauty of this natural play.

Warm colors of Playa de Las Teresitas and mysterious dark Playa de Benijo

2. Playa de Las Teresitas

I think Playa de Teresitas is the most advertised beach on Tenerife. It’s long, with gold sand, palm trees and with a great view of nearby colorful houses that are rising in the hill. It is nice, but it is also packed with tourists. Luckily it is so big, that people can distribute along the shore. If it’s windy, you will feel like you are in the middle of a sand storm. Why do I like it? Mostly because kids love it there and water is shallow long enough, so I can relax they won’t go too deep. We also had a fun experience that stayed as a pleasant memory: we found a quicksand. It wasn’t the real one, which swallows you whole. Some water springs are making bubbles on the surface, and the sand is wet enough to drag you inside. If you allow yourself to step in, you will transform into a joyful kid again.

Playa Jardin in a stormy weather.

3. Playa Jardin

You will find Playa Jardin in Puerto de la Cruz. Even though it is a city beach, it is always possible to find a parking space. If you are lucky, you will get one right next to it. If not, the road will take you to the big parking lot next to the open sea. Don’t be disappointed to walk a bit longer to get back to Jardin, because on your path you will find an incredible installation of stone sculptures. It looks like the enchanted town of sleeping trolls. You will also pass small castle with an old cannon in front. Jardin beach is a sandy beach with bar, showers, and toilets, usually with a lot of people. Why do I like it? Because it is a mixture of warm sand, black rocks and green gardens on top. If you don’t want to be in the sun, you can take your beach towel above the shore under the palm trees. You will have a fantastic view, natural shadow, and fragrances of blooming bushes. Hint for parents: there is a great playground, and a bar is near.

Playa Abades

4. Playa Abades

The last beach is nothing like the previous three. You don’t find many people there — at least we didn’t. It is nothing spectacular about it. But it is peaceful. There is a small sandy beach, on one side accompanied by rocky caves, where you can hide your water or beer from the hot sun. In the distance stands what looks like an abandoned church. I guess there is a lot to see under the water because you can detect plenty of divers. It is a calm beach, but it is not deserted. You have bars and small grocery shop only couple ten meters away, but still far enough that beach stays entity of their own.

Another splendid place is Los Gigantes, because of spectacular cliffs. I didn’t like the beach there though. It was crowded, and sand was hot; it wasn’t possible to walk barefoot.

I preferred natural pool in Santiago del Teide (Piscina Natural Acantilado D Los Gigantes). It is unique, you get some sea showers when the big wave tries to enter the pool, and you still have the view of Los Gigantes cliffs.

Allow yourself to be a kid again: “quicksand” on playa de las Teresitas.

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